Who we are

Yogome is building the most engaging bilingual (English and Spanish, with other languages coming soon) portfolio  of mobile learning games for kids ages 6-11.

With the help of pedagogic and educational experts we develop content that helps kids learn in a fun way, including:

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Yogome’s platform includes a Dashboard that allows parents to track and understand the educational performance of their child.

For tablets and smartphones in more than 150 countries.

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Our philosophy

We believe that children can learn new things and reinforce the knowledge acquired in school without this being tedious or boring. Studying science or practicing math doesn't have to be annoying. All the knowledge that children should acquire during their basic education can be learned in an entertaining and fun way.

Playing is the natural way for children to learn. Children understand and interpret the world around them through playing. That's why our challenge is to find the right formula to combine playing, learning and fun with each and every one of our mobile educational games.

Why do we make educational games?

Technology has pushed educators to question the effectiveness of some of the traditional learning models and to promote better methodologies within the field of interactive learning.

Mobile educational games can offer children and parents an endless catalog of content and information for all ages and levels. They are also a useful tool to approach new skills easily and dynamically.

The challenge for mobile educational games is to create a fun, motivating and engaging environment with activities that can help children create meaningful learning through their own interactive experience.

Our objective

To create a unique experience for our users and their parents.

To become the best global company for mobile educational games.

We want to reach all the Heroes of Knowledge who are willing to defeat ignorance while having fun.

Our Team

San Francisco

Manolo Diaz picture

Manolo Díaz

Co-founder and CEO
Sandra Jacobo picture

Sandra Jacobo

Director of Education USA
Alesha Bishop picture

Alesha Bishop

Marketing Lead US
Jimena Mondragon picture

Jimena Mondragon

Growth & UA


Alberto Colin picture

Alberto Colin

Co-founder, Chief Creative Officer
Basilio German picture

Basilio Germán

Jorge Valerdi picture

Jorge Valerdi

Product Manager
Julieta Rodriguez picture

Julieta Rodríguez

Roberto Gonzalez picture

Roberto González

Product Manager
Pablo Velez picture

Pablo Veléz

Sr Backend Developer
Jose Morales picture

José Morales

Game Designer
Victor Galvan picture

Victor Galván

Senior Illustrator
Gaby Candia picture

Gaby Candia

Junior Illustrator
Angélica Sánchez picture

Angélica Sánchez

Academic Content
Gil Herreraz picture

Gil Herrera

Email Marketing
Areli Ochoa picture

Areli Ochoa

Marketing Designer
Erick Dominguez picture

Erick Dominguez

Mobile Developer
Justino Tello picture

Tino Tello

Senior Illustrator
Fernando Carvente picture

Fernando Carvente

Junior Illustrator
Mares Garcia picture

Mares García

2d & 3d animator
Marianne Anzaldo picture

Martín Plascencia

Senior Game Developer
Ivan Zamora Diaz picture

Iván Zamora

Junior Game Developer
Gerardo picture

Gerardo Montoya

Brenda Salgado picture

Brenda Salgado

Marketing Designer
Iván Pacheco picture

Iván Pacheco

Marketing Designer
Daniel Avila picture

Daniel Ávila

Junior Illustrator
Beatriz Gonzalez picture

Beatriz González

Junior Illustrator
Beatriz Gonzalez picture

Ruben Lara

Sebastian Mercado picture

Sebastian Mercado

Junior Game Developer
Miguel Martell picture

Miguel Martell

Senior Illustrator
Jesus Guevara picture

Jesús Guevara

Jorge Covarrubias picture

Jorge Covarrubias

Junior Game Developer
Osiel Gomez picture

Osiel Gómez

Junior Game Developer
Adriano Silva picture

Adriano Silva

Foreign Language Specialist
Brazilian Portuguese
Sohnee Tey picture

Sohnee Tey

Foreign Language Specialist

Our Investors


John McIntire

Open English, Goldman Sachs

Juan Salaverria

Executive Director Grupo Comercial de Comunicaciones

Elliot Loh

The Giant Pixel Corporation, Yammer

Benjamin Joffe

+8* | Plus Eight Star, HAXLR8R

Maneesh Arora

Google, Zynga

Mario Valle

Emerging Markets at EA

500 Startups


Mexican VC

Our Advisors


Greg Alkalay


Arturo Galván


Eric Perez-Grovas

Mercado Libre, Jaguar Ventures

Eyal Bino