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Our content supports what your child is learning in school. Educational mini-games are in 8 key subjects, individualized for your child’s age.

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Epic Heroes of Knowledge

When learning is an adventure, children never stop exploring. With Epic Heroes of Knowledge, Yogome has built the adventure of a lifetime.


Your children will have endless fun and develop their intellectual skills at the same time!

Never stop learning! Our Yogome Parent Dashboard helps you monitor your child’s achievements and suggests learning activities for the whole family.

Yogome games evaluated

As part of the two-year partnership, Yale researchers at the play2PREVENT Lab conducted a randomized, controlled trial of Yogome math games with more than 130 children ages 5 to 11.

Our innovative model makes Yogome unique and different from the competition.

 1  Play educational mini-games

Your child will play mini-games in 8 subjects, developed just for their age.

 2  Play and explore

Your child can use Power Cubes to battle the bad guys and to personalize their Yogotars!

 3  Earn rewards

The more educational mini-games your child plays, the more Power Cubes they earn.

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